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A challenging charity marathon route

A chilly reception awaits runners on this Mencap marathon

A challenging charity marathon route

January 13 2012
Sibéal Pounder

Adding a new spin to the much-trodden path of charity marathons is no easy feat, but the North Pole Marathon, a 26.2-mile race that takes place from April 4 to 8 across the Arctic ice floes in sub-zero temperatures, does just that. An annual event since 2006, the marathons have raised more than €2m for a host of charitable causes, including £50,000 for Mencap, a UK-based learning disability charity, which has reserved places on the marathon this year. Each place costs €11,900, and all funds raised will support Mencap’s campaigns, such as its Stand by Me initiative to end disability hate crime.

And for those who would prefer an equally tough yet less chilling challenge, Mencap is also organising a series of desert races this year. Places on April’s gruelling 150-mile Marathon des Sables across the Moroccan Sahara are already filled, but there are other options in Jordan (May 13-21) and China (June 1-17).

Entry for all events closes when places are filled.