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How to become a philanthropist in three days

A fast way to keep up to speed with the world of philanthropy

How to become a philanthropist in three days

August 23 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

It might be more used to coaching in corporate finance or mergers and acquisitions, but this month the MBA Training Company – a specialist in teaching complex subjects at speed – will hold its very first three-day philanthropy course. “The ultimate guide for potential philanthropists” will use a mixture of presentations, case studies and workshops to cover mechanisms such as social investment, cross-border giving and venture philanthropy (where the principles of venture capital are applied to giving), as well as providing a grounding in tax incentives and traditional donor vehicles.

Philanthropy is a notoriously complex area. “It can require specialist knowledge to keep up to date with the ever-increasing choices for donating money, time and treasures,” says course director and philanthropy consultant Randi Weaver.