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The charity that turns wine into water

How wine-tasting evenings are funding water development projects

The charity that turns wine into water

August 15 2011
Sibéal Pounder

It takes nearly 120 litres of water to produce just one glass of wine – a humbling fact when you consider the UN statistic that 1.1bn people worldwide live without access to sanitary water. But for former UN development sector worker Diana Isac and wine investment specialist Paul Hammond it was these jarring statistics that provided the incentive to launch 2Water, a non-profit that holds wine-tasting evenings to fund water development projects.

Previous events have been held at locations such as Soho House in Miami and The Ebury in London, but bespoke functions can also be arranged, allowing the host to choose which project will benefit, and 2Water also offers donors the option to join trips to the project site. Since its launch earlier this year, more than £20,000 has been raised for various projects, such as a collaboration with Nepal-based NGO Base to build eight new water pumps that will serve 3,500 people in Khausapur, Nepal.