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A sale bringing privacy to Japan’s evacuees

A special auction of Japanese designs to support earthquake victims

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A sale bringing privacy to Japan’s evacuees

May 26 2011
Sibéal Pounder

Many may think highly of his quirky constructs – from the paper bridge in Remoulin, France, to Manhattan’s “Metal Shutter House” apartments in fashionable Chelsea – but architect Shigeru Ban’s humanitarian projects in Japan since the devastating earthquake on March 11 are equally commendable. With the aid of the team at Shigeru Ban Architects, Ban has been designing paper-rolled 161sq ft units to offer privacy to evacuees currently taking refuge in gymnasiums in the Tohoku region, and on May 26 Japanese bathroom brand Toto is hosting an auction to raise funds for the ongoing Evacuation Centres Partition Project.

The auction, featuring Japanese contemporary wares and aptly entitled Love Japan, will take place at Toto’s concept store in east London and will include gems such as Shigeru Uchida’s L’Uovo S5029 lamp (first picture) and Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool for Vitra (second picture), alongside smaller items such as Naoto Fukasawa’s combined coffee- and tea-maker for PlusMinusZero.