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A stellar array of artists at a fundraising pop up

A pop-up shop of specially donated artworks, crafts and objets

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A stellar array of artists at a fundraising pop up

May 14 2011
Vicki Reeve

John Pawson, Edmund de Waal, Rupert Spira, Tom Dixon, Andrew Logan, Alison Crowther… A host of seriously good artists, gallerists and collectors across many fields have donated works to sell at a pop-up shop – or, rather, garage sale – in London that’s fundraising for the new education wing of the esteemed Kettle’s Yard House and Gallery in Cambridge.

With items priced from £1 to £2,000, there’s something for everyone, including one-off artworks, photographs, ceramics, rugs, textiles, furniture, crafts and unique objets. There’s something about sculptor/designer Julian Sainsbury’s satisfyingly weighty black granite pebble pestle and mortar (first picture, £99) that immediately makes you want to handle it, while Tom Dixon’s spaghetti-style wire head (second picture, £350) will draw viewers in as they try to unravel who it is (the artist himself?).

Meanwhile, there are ceramics by Rupert Spira, including a bowl that stuns with gorgeous simplicity (£400), and Molly Hogg has donated delightful textiles (third picture, about £400), and there’s always a bird skull, probably a rook (£20), for that ever-growing cabinet of curiosities.