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A fund-raising site adopts an e-commerce business model

Giving small, but giving often, is the notion behind this non-profit site

A fund-raising site adopts an e-commerce business model

May 07 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

Hailed as the fastest-growing online company ever, daily-deal website Groupon, which offers city-specific “group-purchasing” offers, has shaken up the world of e-commerce. Now a fledgling website has decided to apply that same one-a-day model to good deeds, rather than good deals. Philanthroper features a daily online profile of one small charity and limits users’ donations to a single dollar or euro – hoping that, by lowering cost-barriers, use of the site will become habitual.

The site carefully curates non-profits based on their impact and focuses on charities with revenues of less than $1m; donations are processed with a transaction fee of just one per cent, as opposed to the standard 3-5 per cent. “The speed at which we communicate online doesn’t lend itself to large donations,” says Philanthroper founder Mark Wilson. “The decision to give $1 is a quick one, and Philanthroper aims to bring the small-scale to a wide audience.”