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A fashion label sets its sights on a campaign for clean water

A scarf or a T-shirt will fund drilling for water in Sudan

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A fashion label sets its sights on a campaign for clean water

March 30 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

Despite her fashion label being designed, sourced and produced in Vancouver, Treana Peake, founder of Obakki, has ambitions that extend way beyond Canada. Peake has established The Obakki Foundation, a charitable trust that aims to drill about 250 wells in Rumbek, Southern Sudan, where decades of civil war have left more than 70 per cent of the population without access to clean water or basic sanitation.

The Foundation recently partnered with the UN and Unicef. Peake explains: “Without UN intelligence we could spark more conflict by choosing the wrong place to drill, and without Unicef follow-up, villagers won’t know how to keep their water supply clean.”

To meet her target of raising $2.5m by the end of 2011, Peake has launched the Obakki Foundation Collection, a series of screen-printed scarves, accessories and T-shirts (pictured, from $40), and will donate all of the proceeds towards the project.