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The scheme that helps young artists to take flight

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The scheme that helps young artists to take flight

February 24 2011
Sibéal Pounder

Public arts funding is facing major cuts, but social enterprise organisation Cockpit Arts is hoping to build a list of private patrons with its new Friends Scheme. The enterprise works to increase the profile – and profitability – of young artists by providing residency and tailored business training at its studio space, which currently hosts 165 creatives from various fields.

With the Friends Scheme’s £5,000 Investor option, donors can create an award to grant a new artist residency at Cockpit Arts. “It might be for a craftsperson using a dying skill, or an unemployed person demonstrating raw creative talent,” says Vanessa Swann, Cockpit Arts’ CEO. Donors are also granted studio access, can review the winning artist’s business plans and progress, and are invited to various private events. “It’s an opportunity to talk with our patrons and artists to establish if the scheme is right for them,” says Swann. The next event will be open to How To Spend It readers.

Pictured: jeweller Jessica Poole in her workshop.