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The charity that makes donating artworks a whole lot easier

How collectors can cultivate the art of giving

The charity that makes donating artworks a whole lot easier

February 20 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

British art collectors are well versed in the art of giving. Last year Charles Saatchi gave the nation his entire Saatchi Gallery, with its permanent collection of more than 200 artworks, while in 2008 art dealer Anthony D’Offay part-gifted to the public the contemporary collection that makes up Artist Rooms, which is worth an estimated £125m and now tours art galleries across the UK in an Art Fund-sponsored project.

Now Charities Aid Foundation, a non-profit that connects donors and charities, has launched an advisory service for individuals who want to give art for an altruistic cause. CAF will manage gifts of artwork through its charitable trusts and will either work with the client to set up a loan programme with a museum or pair the gift with a suitable gallery, charity or social enterprise in the most tax-efficient way. “It’s important to ensure that donated art achieves the widest public benefit,” says Russell Prior, CAF’s executive director of philanthropy and enterprise development.