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A pioneering initiative from a global housing charity

Pooling charitable resources to build homes in the developing world

A pioneering initiative from a global housing charity

Image: Mikel Flamm

October 17 2010
Lindsay Macpherson

Last year, a US study showed that collective giving (pooling resources towards a shared goal) leads to donors who are more engaged, more strategic and who, crucially, give more. Global housing charity Habitat for Humanity’s pioneering HopeBuilder initiative is based on this principal, and has raised £353,538 – enough to build 286 properties – since its 2007 launch. It provides fundraising support to groups who aim to raise £1,235, the cost of building a new house in the developing world. (Pictured: building a house in Nepal.)

According to HopeBuilders’ manager, Emma Ives, even the construction process is a team effort. “We recently began work in Ivory Coast, which is still recovering from civil war,” she says. “HopeBuilders has brought together communities from each side of the conflict.”