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How art can mend a broken heart

An art auction to support a pioneering medical programme

How art can mend a broken heart

October 03 2010
Sibéal Pounder

Alongside this month’s Art London fair, the British Heart Foundation is enlisting renowned artists to create works for an auction in aid of Mending Broken Hearts. The pioneering regenerative medicine programme – launching in 2011 – will include world-leading stem-cell research and developmental biology.

According to Peter Weissberg, medical director of the BHF, “Hundreds of thousands of heart-attack survivors in the UK are living with heart failure. Until recently, repairing a damaged heart was a fantasy. We believe this programme may literally enable us to mend broken hearts.”

Among the all-British line-up are works by Maurice Cockrill, Barbara Rae and John Hoyland (whose Original Poet Monster is pictured). Limited-edition screen prints will also be available to buy at the fair.