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The app that gives hope to refugees

This iPhone app comes with a happy story

The app that gives hope to refugees

September 03 2010
Sibéal Pounder

Samasource – a non-profit working to enable refugees in Dadaab, Kenya, to earn a fair wage – has created the Give Work app. The concept is simple: iPhone owners use Give Work to complete basic on-screen tasks, from tagging a video to categorising data. Each task is also completed by refugees enrolled in Samasource’s Give Work training programme. The iPhone user’s task data is then compared with that of the trainees, helping Samasource to assess accuracy levels; once a trainee’s accuracy level reaches 75 per cent, he or she is moved into paid work.

Meanwhile, each task a trainee completes earns points with real monetary value (the minimum task value of five points buys one tomato, one banana and a bunch of greens in the camp), thereby allowing Give Work to provide sustained incomes, skill-building opportunities and much-needed dignity to potentially hundreds of refugees.