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Breaking down the barriers to charitable giving

A new stamp of approval for charities that make the grade

Breaking down the barriers to charitable giving

August 08 2010
Lindsay Macpherson

According to 90 per cent of the individuals surveyed in Barclays Wealth’s recent Barriers To Giving report, efficiency and administration costs are the most important factors in selecting a charity. With this in mind, UK charity-mentoring organisation Pilotlight has just published an online directory of the charities and enterprises that have earned its Pilotlight Mark. This signifies that they have undergone a stringent 18-month process equipping them with the business skills to improve their effectiveness and sustainability. The coaching is undertaken by senior business volunteers who pledge their expertise for three hours a month.

“Local authority and public spending squeezes mean that managing resources is increasingly important for our small, ambitious charities,” says Gillian Murray, Pilotlight’s deputy chief executive. And as the average number of those assisted by Pilotlight charities has increased by 104 per cent, donors are assured that their funds will achieve maximum impact.