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Bid for lunch a deux with How To Spend It’s editor

Dining with Gillian de Bono at a top London restaurant in aid of charity

Bid for lunch a deux with How To Spend It’s editor

December 07 2012
Beatrice Hodgkin

Have you ever wondered – nay, wanted to probe, in confidence – how Gillian de Bono, editor of How To Spend It, spends it – so to speak? Does she really drink champagne daily, as her biography claims? Which luxuries (with 18 years of über-experience) are her personal favourites, from beauty balms to beachfront cabanas? And which marques does she consider ne plus ultra?

Well, now is your chance to find out, over a glass or two of champagne and an exquisite, intimate, unhurried meal. All you have to do is bid on eBay before 8pm on Monday December 10 in the FT’s seasonal charity auction. This year it is in aid of The Global Fund for Children, which works to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Or perhaps you have an embryonic luxury business and would like Gillian’s insights into your brand and sector – and even a little bit of editorial coverage in How To Spend It, if it meets her exacting standards…

Then, again, this is a brilliant opportunity to give a budding journalist in your family the ultimate Christmas present: two hours of conversation with a top editor at a multi-award-winning magazine. Who knows, he or she may impress Gillian enough for her to offer an internship?

On the other hand, avid fans of How To Spend It might simply be happy to gossip away an hour or two about the magazine’s innermost workings, from how fashion director Damian Foxe sweet-talked Gillian into shooting eye-wateringly expensive gowns underwater to behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Jonathan Margolis’s Technopolis TV.

Let’s not forget, too, the wonderful experience of dining at one of London’s top restaurants (in previous years, Gillian has lunched with her winning bidder at Petrus and The Ivy).

So please dig deep, whatever your motivations.