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Keep your cashmere moth-free, and smelling good

It’s anathema to moths – but pleasing to humans

Keep your cashmere moth-free, and smelling good

December 04 2009
Lucia van der Post

The flipside of owning lovely cashmere is the problem of moths. The most pleasing moth deterrents I’ve come across are those by Julia Dee, who spent months researching products that kept the little beasts at bay but also smelled good.

In her range are sprays (£20), hanging sachets (£5 each), drawer liners (£12 for eight), scented paper ovals (£5 pack of 10) and potpourri hanging bags (£12.50 each). All are infused with a blend of cedarwood, lavender, patchouli, may chang, lemongrass, laurel, rosemary and clove.

Start with a complete anti-moth set (£75 for a linen spray, oils, diffusers, an anti-moth candle and a potpourri cone), or a cashmere protection kit (£28).

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