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It’s heaven for paper-hoarders

An online shop where storage is carried off with style

It’s heaven for paper-hoarders

November 08 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

There is only one advantage to sharing my life with a man who is unable to dispose of paperwork, and that is stationery. I find it hard to resist a pretty boxfile or letter tray and, thanks to my husband’s paper-hoarding habits, I have every reason to give in to temptation.

Harris & Jones’s website is my most recent discovery. Here are 11 categories of handmade stationery storage, each one available in designs ranging from chintzy florals to contemporary geometrics via candy stripes and crocodile prints. Some, such as the croc print, are their own designs, while others are the work of top names such as Nina Campbell (Marrakech box file, £35) and Neisha Crosland.

Crosland is a new arrival on the site and is one of my most admired textile designers so I shall be buying everything in the range (selected items pictured) from the large Pebble Organiser (£48) and letter tray (£32) to the Zebra magazine file (from £32) and box file (£35). I am also rather drawn to the pen pots – singly they don’t do much, but arranged en masse they make a rather jolly desk installation (£16 each).