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If you lose them, just buy another pair

Revived – Sunpockets’ unfussy go-anywhere sunglasses

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If you lose them, just buy another pair

October 23 2011
Elisa Anniss

There’s something particularly galling about losing sunglasses. Take my all-time favourite shades from Marni, with their unusual frames fashioned in a fetching combination of stone, coral and yellow. I wore them everywhere; in fact, the last time I wore them was when I went skiing on New York’s Hunter Mountain. But back in the city after an exhausting day on the slopes, when it was dark and I was tired, I left them behind in a yellow cab, and subsequently discovered that, like so many sunglasses from fashion brands, the most eye-catching styles are often virtually impossible to replace.

It’s for this reason that I’ve started wearing Sunpockets and saving my fashion sunglasses for special outings. They’re what I consider to be any time, any place, anywhere sunglasses that are almost disposable. Like Swedish Hasbeens shoes, another highly desirable but practical accessory, Sunpockets emerged from Scandinavia. When Jacob Höglund found a pair of Sunpockets in his family’s ski cottage in Trysil in 2009, the brand was little more than a faded French label from the 1970s. But he revived it; fast-forward a couple of years and it’s now enjoying global success with two styles – Sunpocket II, and Sunpocket Sport (pictured), the style that I wear.

The brand is marketed for men but also appeals to women because of its clean, unfussy aesthetic. I’ve personally become evangelical about Sunpockets because the glasses are designed to fold in two, making them perfect for throwing in a beach bag, wearing around town, skiing or even dinghy sailing (they offer effective protection from rays bouncing off both sea and snow).

Priced at around £49 and available from Selfridges, Urban Outfitters and Harvey Nichols, Sunpockets could become as popular as Havaianas flip-flops, but with year-round appeal. For me, though, what’s best of all is the fact that with two basic styles in 16 colours, should anything go wrong I can just head for any of the above and buy another pair.

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