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The man bag that’s perfect for MacBook Air users

A luxurious, satisfying way to carry the laptop du jour

The man bag that’s perfect for MacBook Air users

October 09 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Like many other people running their own businesses or in senior roles in corporations, I’ve lately realised that what I actually do for a living is send and receive emails, plus occasionally scan websites and documents on screen. And it is we professional email-senders who have formed the main market for the insanely popular 11in Apple MacBook Air, the fully featured laptop in a gloriously expensive, slim, silver form that does everything we hoped the “netbooks” of yore would do, but about 10 times better. The baby MacBook is for those cool business users who would like to do it all with an iPad or one of the lesser tablets, but need a bit more actual computing oomph and a real, no-compromise keyboard.

But how to transport the MacBook Air’s anorexic and delicate form around town? Well, I’ve recently discovered this superbly elegant carry-bag from the London bag artiste, Knomo. And what a joy it is: my children have, surprisingly, permitted me to adopt the man-bag of late, which I sling insouciantly across my body in an (I think) mutton-dressed-as-lamb style, and this is easily the most comfortable and satisfying luxury leather man bag I’ve done this with. Soft, squishy leather; positive, clicky snap fasteners; a clever straighten arrangement; organiser pockets; and internal shock protection (the main compartment has a quilted laptop pouch with high-density foam protection around the base). It’s just so right.

£145, in tan, also in black and brown.