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Awakening your inner stationery geek

An online store that’s got the world of stationery wrapped up

Awakening your inner stationery geek

September 27 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Hannah Bidmead launched the small but marvellous Nancy & Betty Studio in order to awaken the inner stationery geek she believes dwells inside us all. I, of course, am already well acquainted with mine, but having looked at every card, notebook and sheet of 90gsm recycled wrapping paper on sale here, I think she’s guaranteed to succeed. After all, even the most committed fan of the e-greeting would be hard pressed to resist buying an actual card urging the recipient to “Always Pack One’s Brolly” (£2.55) or a postcard of seaside donkeys (Seaside Postcards Edition Two, £8.95 for a set of eight).

And the temptation doesn’t stop there. The site also sells badges, airmail-themed sticky tape, gift tags and, most irresistible of all, Brussels Sprout wrapping paper. To see it is to buy it (£7.95 for five sheets).