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A noteworthy store of covetable notebooks

The online store which proves that paper still has its place

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A noteworthy store of covetable notebooks

September 15 2011
Vicki Reeve

Call me a Luddite, but no matter how wonderful the electronic gadgetry at my disposal, I still like to take notes the old-fashioned way. And I know I’m not alone in finding lovely stationery impossible to resist, so Sloane Stationery – a trove of (mainly) notebooks and albums – should have wide appeal.

My visit to the e-store (which is already charming, but relaunching with extra content, including a python range, in October) resulted in the following being added to my wish list: fluorescent-coloured linen books (first picture, £39; 245mm x 175mm portrait); a classic-looking burgundy mock-croc notebook entitled “A Gentleman’s Notes” (second picture, £39; 245mm x 175mm portrait), perfect for Swellboy (even he’s unlikely to guess that it’s not real crocodile); a large (305mm x 227 mm), lined, butter-yellow “Household Chaos” notebook (£49; for my best friend and her hectic family); a burnt-orange faux-lizard notebook (£35, 170mm x 125mm) that can be personalised (for me); and a smartest-of-baby-blues “Boasting Book” photo album for a mate who’s about to become a mum (£35; 215mm x 160mm).

All the notebooks have top-quality cream Italian paper pages (mostly plain, except for the large, A4 books, which are available plain or lined), ribbon page marker, tassel and gilded edges, and are handbound in England.

Now, if only my handwriting weren’t so appalling I could decipher which notebook I was going to buy for my godson…