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The handbag queen sets a date for her new diary

Any Hindmarch marks the launch of her diary with a quirky little number

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The handbag queen sets a date for her new diary

September 09 2011
Avril Groom

For someone who designs highly desirable leather goods, Anya Hindmarch has taken a long time to add a diary to her range. This, she says, is “because they’re very important to me – I keep my diaries as a record of my life to hand down, as women in my family have done for a hundred years, so I wanted one that was going to sell in my name to be absolutely right in every detail, and that has taken a long time.” This entails a leather-bound two-way book with two front covers – one a conventional diary, the other a notebook. The diary includes useful dates such as bank holidays and major sporting events worldwide, thought-provoking quotes at the foot of each week and a chic metal pencil with eraser.

To celebrate this new addition, Hindmarch has produced a handmade first edition of only 10 examples, based on one of her idiosyncratic personal interests: the London cabmen’s shelters. These tiny, listed, Victorian architectural gems were built as resting and eating places for the drivers of horse-drawn cabs and had to be no wider than a cab. “There used to be 90 around town but now there are only 13,” says Hindmarch. “There is one near my bespoke shop – it still does great breakfasts and snacks for cab drivers. The public aren’t allowed inside but there’s a hatch you buy from – I think they’re an underused resource and deserve to be more widely known.”

The diary (second picture), made by an artisan bookbinder, is dark green calf, grooved like the shelters’ woodwork, and contains humorous mementos – a menu, a doily, a cabby’s metal badge and a specially-scented version of the ubiquitous pine-tree air freshener – as bookmarks. Like all the diaries, it can be embossed with the owner’s name and a private message and is planned as the first in an annual series of collectors’ editions. At £750, it is available from Monday September 12 at all Anya Hindmarch shops and online. (A donation has gone to the Cabmen’s Shelter Fund.) The main edition (first picture) comes in two sizes, £195 and £125, at Anya Hindmarch stores.