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An expertly edited online source of stylish gifts

August 04 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

According to its “Our Story” page, e-emporium Lily & Lime was set up as a solution to “the eternal dilemma of selecting the perfect gift and ensuring that it’s presented as though the gift giver hadn’t remembered the day before the event”.

This seems a pretty sound proposition and, having spent some time exploring the nine departments, I can confirm that I would be more than happy to give – and indeed receive – most of what’s on offer.

This being the wedding season, I began my shopping spree in Special Occasions, where I was pleased to discover a good selection of interesting silverware, including the very lovely Hammered Oval Vase (£48.50). From there I moved to For Children, which is filled with the kind of aesthetically pleasing, art-based gifts that adults so love to buy for the small people in their lives (Stitch-It Bedtime Bear Kit, first picture, £19.50), and thence to At Home. This is a large department selling lifestyle gifts from ceramics and cushions to kitchen textiles and handmade linen photograph albums (third picture, £13.50-£32).

My final purchase, a bottle of Uplift Body Lotion made from Jersey lavender, lime and eucalyptus essential oils (second picture, £15), was found in For Her and was a gift to myself. I am happy to report that, like the “proper” gifts, this also arrived wrapped.