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Time-limited luxuries

A fabulous new collection of Fabergé egg pendants

Time-limited luxuries

July 11 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

Last year may have seen the revival of the House of Fabergé (see our “Tsars in their eyes” feature), but until now the only chance to acquire one of the jeweller’s iconic imperial eggs has been at auction: the last, in 2007, reached a staggering £8.9m, setting three auction records in the process.

Now for the first time since 1917, the Russian house is débuting a collection of one-of-a-kind high-jewellery egg pendants ($100,000-$600,000). Each egg in the 12-piece Les Fameux de Fabergé collection is inspired by a traditional Russian proverb and features groundbreaking jewellery techniques, such as the invisibly set white diamonds and titanium surface of the Diamond Egg (“Genius is simplicity”) and the Mosaic Egg’s intricate diamond lattice work (“Old love does not rust”). (Pictured: the Diaghilev egg.)

Less exclusive, and therefore less expensive, is a second series of egg pendants, the fine jewellery Les Frissons de Fabergé collection (from $5,000). This will feature more than 60 different designs and pay homage to Peter Carl Fabergé’s original creations for the Romanov family with traditional Russian lacquer work and precious materials such as lavender jade, rutilated quartz and snowflake obsidian taken from the mineral-rich resources of the Ural mountains.

The Fameux de Fabergé collection will be on show at Fabergé in Geneva from July 18 to August 21.