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An onlne celebration of all things papery

The e-store to go to for stationery, string and papery things

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An onlne celebration of all things papery

June 28 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Papermash is a small site that, as you might guess from its name, celebrates all things papery – think witty luggage-style gift tags (“It’s a Red” wine tag, second picture, £2.25), utility chic notebooks and the dearest letterpress Tooth Fairy Kits (third picture, £13.50). There are also some very jolly framed screenprints, including one entitled the “London Snow Globe”, which is full of retro charm and, at £46, is a snip.

However, lovely though all these pieces are, it is the section dedicated to Tapes and String that really got my pulse racing. Click on this department and you are presented with six (yes, six) entire pages dedicated to coloured packing tapes and patterned string with which to prettify your parcels or simply stash on your desk as evidence of your artistic potential (Japanese masking tape, first picture, £16.95 for a box of six).