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Time-limited luxuries

Super-limited arm candy for a very lucky few

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Time-limited luxuries

June 23 2011
Sibéal Pounder

With its latest venture, Prada has exclusivity in the bag. It has produced two new classic structured bags in glossy crocodile skin lined with butter-soft nappa that will only appear on a total of 20 über-chic arms worldwide.

In the UK, the bags will only be available from Harrods and come in a range of colours including emerald green (first picture), cherry red (second picture), chocolate, tan, navy and black. Each example of this super-limited, price-on-application arm candy comes with a metal tag that details the unique number of the bag, plus a detachable, bijou mini clutch – and, of course, a guarantee that if you’re sporting one of them, you’re in deliciously select company.