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The new generation of luxe gadget covers

Where there’s a gadget, there’s a smart accessory to hold and protect it

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The new generation of luxe gadget covers

May 26 2011
Lucia van der Post

These days, even the most Luddite among us can get quite excited about our gadgets – speaking personally, I’m in love with my iPad; I can’t stop fondling it, rather as if it were a much-loved pet. So it’s not surprising that a host of smart accessory-makers have leapt to, seeing a new way to expand their brand and give us some pleasure at the same time.

The ones I most hanker after are from the gorgeous, completely integrated range designed by Eley Kishimoto, that talented duo made up of Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto. They’ve now got a website of their own through which they sell the collection – everything from covers for iPhones, iPads and laptops to little pencil and beauty cases. In a bright pink and white or black and white zig-zag pattern, they are extremely jolly and protect the gadgets, too. Prices start at £41.50 for iPhone cases, while iPad cases are £46.50 (fourth picture).

Marc Jacobs has some brilliantly coloured cases in embossed neoprene for just £35 for the iPad case (from the Marc by Marc Jacobs range), but catch them while you can – they seem to sell out all the time. Smartest and cheeriest, though, has to be Smythson’s iPad case in Schiaparelli pink leather (second picture); it will set you back £170, but if it gives as much pleasure as do its diaries, then it’s probably money well spent.

If you like them boardroom plain and very smart, then Anya Hindmarch, as always, has the answer – in sleek black with just a little gold bow betraying its designer origins; £145 for a discreet black padded nylon laptop case (third picture).

For those who prefer something in leather, I’ve just discovered a wonderful new leather company called St Leonard’s and it has the chicest, slimmest bag-cum-laptop carrier, the Pevensey, for £170 (first picture); made from beautiful Italian saddlery leather, it takes a whole lot more than a laptop.

Finally, if you want your back to take the strain, let me tell you that my daughter currently carries her laptop around in a very smart, extremely slim black backpack that cost just £23.48 from Ikea. You’d never guess.