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Electronic devices be gone; this divine diary is the thing

There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper

Electronic devices be gone; this divine diary is the thing

January 29 2011
Elisa Anniss

At the beginning of January I ditched my decade-old mini Filofax and resolved to become technically adept instead. My goal was to link my MacBook with my iPhone through iCal and create a digital diary. Thus far, though, I have failed to achieve synchronicity, as I rarely remember to harmonise phone with computer.

What’s more, I’ve found that I miss putting pen to paper, so I decided to look at alternatives. You see, in my book you still have until the end of January to start afresh. And, once I’d remembered it, I just couldn’t get the Soho Diary by Smythson out of my mind. I first saw it last summer over lunch when my friend Olivia casually pulled it out of her capacious bag. Being a shoe designer, she has always luxuriated in all things leather.

A large, smart diary lends importance, I thought, as she opened up the brown calf crocodile-print version, elegantly turning the pale-blue gilt-edged pages until she found a possible date when we could next meet. On the left-hand side were the week’s appointments; on the other, a big space for to-do lists.

So last week, with the memory still fresh in my mind, I headed to Smythson on New Bond Street to made a second stab at sorting out my agenda. The brown real alligator version caught my eye first, but at £1,645 and with budget in mind, I decided to follow Olivia and snapped up the brown Mara crocodile print version at £190.

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