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Shoulder candy for the stylish traveller

The designers who can carry off a great rucksack

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Shoulder candy for the stylish traveller

January 26 2011
Lucia van der Post

Trailing round the airports of the world has given me a deep fixation with finding a better way of carrying in-flight impedimenta than a small wheelie case or my current large tote bag. The back has begun to suffer and something else is called for. A rucksack would be just the thing; not something that looks as if it should be scaling the high peaks of the Himalayas or dangling from the back of an impoverished student, but a posh, sophisticated backpack.

Louis Vuitton of course has long had its splendid Bosphore backpack in its famous monogram canvas (fourth picture, £880), but for some the logo makes it a bit too showy, so it’s worth knowing that Vuitton will make it in any of its plain epi leathers. Bill Amberg has several, some in canvas and leather (starting at £150), but smartest is his Hunter rucksack in tumble leather (£335); he, too, will also make anything to order. And Anya Hindmarch has clearly been thinking along similar lines for she’s got something in the pipeline for the autumn.

There are a few other beauties. Tanner Krolle has one with three zipped compartments (third picture), designed to take a laptop, files and documents, books and all the other stuff one needs on the road. It’s beautifully made, if a little stiff, and at £850 in either tan or black with bridle trim it is smart enough to go anywhere. Ally Cappellino has the beautiful Alisdair rucksack in a dark blue Harris tweed trimmed with fine leather for £470 (first picture) which has lots of pockets and seems to me quite perfect.

But possibly the most glamorous of all is Alexander Wang’s Sydney backpack (second picture; £700 from Net-a-Porter), made from black velvet, which, slung insouciantly on one’s shoulder, could go to the very smartest of dos as well as looking quite at home in any first-class cabin or private jet.

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