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Seduced by a little goldmine of alluring vintage textiles

An enchanting collection of linens and fabrics

Seduced by a little goldmine of alluring vintage textiles

January 14 2011
Lucia van der Post

Vintage textile fans who find themselves in Paris should head for a cute little shop in the rue du Cherche-Midi on the Left Bank. Here is an enchanting collection of the sort of old-fashioned bed linen that you hope to find in your rented French hideaway but never do – mattress covers, pillow cases, duvet and futon covers full of vintage charm and imbued with a sweet old-fashioned air. Some are embellished with faded florals, others with stripes or checks or a gentle toile de jouy. There’s also a collection of quilted pieces, some for bed, some for cushions, others for the table. All have a special Gallic charm.

But the pieces we liked best – and bought – were some one-off vintage throws, all unique, each made up of several different antique cloths skilfully sewn together and double-sided so that there were two looks for the price of one. Curiously they seemed to share much of the same decorative allure as the pieces from la France profonde, though they actually came from far-flung provinces of India (not so strange when we remember that the perennially enchanting paisley pattern originated in India and Persia but became indelibly associated with the Scottish town of Paisley). Gorgeously decorative throws were between €140 and €190 and there were some thrillingly beautiful silk patchwork scarves (pictured) for €140. Some of the lines you can buy online but the vintage pieces, all being one-offs, are only available from the shop.