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An online store that purveys a quiet kind of luxury

The high-calibre craft of a luxe minimalist

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An online store that purveys a quiet kind of luxury

Image: Peer Lindgreen

November 02 2010
Dominic Lutyens

Minimalux is a clever portmanteau name to describe this brand/e-commerce site, which stocks ultra-streamlined, pared-down tableware and desk accessories in good-quality materials such as hand-polished brass plated in gold or silver, all designed by Mark Holmes. After all, the work of minimalist designers and architects (think John Pawson, currently the subject of an exhibition at London’s Design Museum) is characterised not only by simplicity but by the discreet use of luxe, high-calibre materials. “I think this combination of ultra-simple forms and premium materials provides a quiet kind of luxury,” says Holmes.

Founded in 2009, Minimalux has so far launched two collections. The first (sadly, not available to buy online) includes pen pots, salt and pepper pots, egg cups and tealight-holders whose understated style is reinforced by their ultra-simple cylindrical or cuboid forms. Yet these can look dramatic, too. The candle-holder’s mirror-polished surface magnifies the glow of a lit candle (£595 in gold, £295 in silver, £195 in brass). And while simple, the pieces can look playfully kitsch when they’re in gold not silver.

The second collection pits functionality against glamour more overtly, even embracing colour with its anodised aluminium steel dish (third picture, £49) and pen rest (first picture, £49) in unexpectedly funky electric blue, dusky pink or red. And there’s some very slick, mirror-polished stainless-steel picnic cutlery waggishly called Knife & Spork, the latter a combined spoon/fork (£95). Meanwhile, a vase resembling a laboratory flask made of borosilicate glass is nevertheless opulently coated with lustrous copper and silver (second picture, £95). This lab aesthetic pops up again in the form of an equally high-gloss, silver test-tube-shaped pill container (fourth picture, £165), proving that Minimalux is a brand that’s worth experimenting with.