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It’s a water bottle, with a twist

The bottle that delivers clean, crisp water – in style

It’s a water bottle, with a twist

October 08 2010
Mark Ellwood

I was never a sporty child, but over the past decade or so I’ve learned to love exercise and the feeling of mild euphoria that comes with it; now I look forward to my daily interlude in the gym sans cellphone. Also – however shallow it may seem – it helps that I have finally found some stylish workout clothes.

What I’ve never liked, however, is the grubby water bottle that everyone seems to carry around the gym, label peeling. And I find the metallic taste in camping-style cans unpleasant. But then I discovered Karim Rashid’s Bobble and it satisfied my thirst and my taste at the same time. Designer Rashid came up with a canny tweak on the water bottle, a version which is hourglass-shaped for easy gripping. Rashid’s reimagining has a futuristic-looking removable nozzle (I bought one in bright red) with a built-in carbon water filter that lasts around two months and is easy to replace. It makes every swig crisp and clean, and I brandish it brazenly around the gym every day. Well, I will until everybody else buys one.

Various sizes, from $9.99.

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