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A weekend away with rugged, hard-wearing Harry

Bags that are stylish as well as supremely practical

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A weekend away with rugged, hard-wearing Harry

October 06 2010
Avril Groom

The next time I head off for a weekend away, I’ll be taking Harry and Peter with me. Let me explain. In the lake District recently I came across a bag-maker called Millican, a brand that was new to me and which fits perfectly with the current mood of faintly military-utility chic.

The quirky thing about Millican is that everything in its range has a blokey name: among them, Harry the Gladstone bag (first picture, £200), Dave the rucksack (second picture, £140), and Les the canvas cooler bag (£85), insulated with wool from local Herdwick sheep. All are named after friends of Millican’s Dutch founder, Jorrit Jorritsma; all are weatherproof, the matt cotton canvas they are made of is organic, and the dark brown leather trim is vegetable-dyed.

I’ve become very fond of Harry; in slightly worn-looking, deep slatey green canvas trimmed with brown leather, it has umpteen pockets and a handy false bottom for separating hill-muddied shoes. Though it’s a good carry-on size, it also seems tough enough to cope with anything that an angry baggage handler could throw it. (Peter, third picture, £45, is a capacious doctor’s-style washbag with a waterproof recycled polyester lining.)

It’s true that these are mainly boys’ toys, but I’m delighted with my bag as an accessory for country weekends. My other half may complain when I disappear off with Harry and Peter, but only because he’d rather be spending time with them himself.

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