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William Sharp slippers

Darling cashmere designs for superior lounging

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William Sharp slippers

October 03 2009
Karen Wheeler

I’ve never really liked the idea of slippers. Better to go barefoot than pad about the house with unflattering appendages or sheepskin moccasins attached to your feet. But then I discovered these cashmere ballerinas embroidered with Swarovski crystals (from £140) by William Sharp, a decidedly below-radar but top-notch specialist in cashmere accessories. (The label has also managed to turn the humble bobble hat into a madly desirable accessory, executed in cashmere with a sprinkling of crystals; from £180.)

As for these darling little slippers, they’re perfect for lounging around at home: they look great with everything from jeans to silk pyjamas, but there is nothing stay-at-home about them. Pack them for hotel rooms, transatlantic flights and country houses with cold bathroom floors. One size conveniently fits all and they are available in seven colours, including black, navy, grey and naturally, ballet-slipper pink. Oh, and they stay on your feet, pas de problem. Frankly, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

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