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A smashing idea for hoarding loose change

The super-chic piggy bank that brings a smile to the face

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A smashing idea for hoarding loose change

August 05 2010
Karen Wheeler

Six years ago I was given one of my favourite birthday presents ever: a Terramundi money pot. Hand-thrown in Italy and based on a design that dates back 2,000 years, it is a super-chic piggy bank that makes a fun gift not just for children but for style-conscious adults too.

The pots are available in a huge range of colours and patterns, with a design to suit every interior design scheme, ranging from the bright and bold (spots, stripes and op-art designs) to more subtle, neutral colours and patterns. The pot that I was given (red with yellow dots) belonged in the bold rather than the tasteful camp, but there was something about its cheerful design that brought a smile to my face every time I looked at it – which was often, as I left it on a table in the hallway facing the door, a position that is also very auspicious if you are a feng shui follower.

The idea behind the Terramundi pot is charming: you keep feeding it until it is full, then you make a wish before smashing or chiselling the pot open and use the money for “good things”. It’s a great way to hoard your loose change for a good cause.

Having recently smashed mine – it took several attempts – I’m about to order another Terramundi pot, but this time I’ll be erring on the side of good taste by ordering the cream design with grey and brown spots. A Terramundi pot costs £19.50 and for an extra £2 you can get it personalised.

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