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Swiss Army luggage

The suitcase that’s virtually indestructable

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Swiss Army luggage

Image: Victorinox Travel Gear

October 03 2009
Julian Allason

The ban on the carrying of penknives by Boy Scouts came as bad news. No longer could the infernally complicated Swiss Army Knife serve as the automatic birthday gift to my godsons and nephews. Indeed, it seems likely to go the the way of the hyena mallet (almost impossible to find – the last place I found one was Swaine Adeney Brigg, but I’m not even sure it has them now). Happily for us and the Helvetian military, there is an alternative.

The Swiss Army suitcase has proved virtually indestructible in the most ambitious of my recent travels. With its large, no-nonsense wheels, unbustable zips and high-visibility red, the case conveys a dashing suggestion of Flying Fox rappels executed across Bhutanese passes (pictured: Officer’s Trunk, medium, $499.99). For Christmas I will be giving them all an i-Trak subscription (from £9.99 per year) to ensure that it never gets lost.

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