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The bag that helps travellers carry on shopping

Why this traveller’s luggage contains yet more luggage

The bag that helps travellers carry on shopping

June 16 2010
Karen Wheeler

Despite my best efforts to acquire less stuff, I nearly always shop when I travel, invariably returning with significantly more baggage than when I set out. With this in mind, for the past five years I have rarely left home without a large, black nylon Mulberry holdall folded up inside my suitcase. It weighs hardly anything, takes up scarcely any space and is enormous enough to accommodate a Turkish carpet if required. (I’ve even managed to stuff a duvet inside it when moving home.)

So useful and indestructible has it proved that I recently decided to buy a second one, only to find that the style has been discontinued. Fortunately, Mulberry’s Fold Up Large Clipper in black nylon, £195, is very similar. Although not quite as big as my original nylon bag, in other respects it is practically identical – right down to the metal padlock and the large, internal zip pocket. It’s also available in a medium size, £165.

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