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Found: the ideal all-purpose sunglasses

They suit all conditions – and are brilliant at cutting out glare

Found: the ideal all-purpose sunglasses

June 03 2010
Julian Allason

Over the years I had accumulated a gleaming hoard of sunglasses for different occasions and destinations. But what I needed was a single pair of all-purpose shades that would work equally well on mountains, beaches, speedboats, when driving or when clambering around temple ruins. So a measure of spray and dust protection was desirable. I don’t actually wear shades in nightclubs but some cool factor would be a bonus. Finally I have found them in the back-to-the-future shape of Silhouette’s Dreamwings (model 8113; £190).

What I hadn’t realised was that, in addition to all of the above qualities, they also offer state-of-the-art sun protection. These glasses are made by an Austrian optical company which is dead serious about the subject, and it shows in the industry awards garnered. The glasses claim to offer “100 per cent protection from UV light with wavelengths of up to 400 nanometres”. Compared with sun creams, that’s the equivalent of a sun protection factor of 60 to 70. For me the Dreamwings have proved the most effective against glare and reflections yet experienced. And indestructible – so far.

One little secret I have withheld from my wife: this model actually comes from the women’s range. Don’t say a word.

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