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Textiles with a distinctive edge

Sophisticated textiles from a recent arrival on the domestic scene

Textiles with a distinctive edge

October 03 2009
Lucia van der Post

Most of us are familiar with Cath Kidston’s sweet florals, which have long added a bit of douceur to the matter of the ironing board, the washing-up and the pegging-out. Lisa Stickley, a young Royal College of Art graduate who has done design work for Burberry, Paul Smith, the Tate and other blue-chip companies, is a newer arrival on the domestic scene. Her take is more sophisticated; she explores the decorative pleasures of black and grey, black and white, and beige and white. In the process, she turns out highly attractive linen and cotton domestic textiles.

My tastes usually run to the classic – oatmeal-coloured flax, old linens, that sort of thing – but Stickley’s designs are sufficiently beguiling to make one rethink the matter. She has come up with tea towels and laundry bags, ironing-board covers, peg bags and oven gloves in black, embellished with glorious whitish-greyish roses, or in beige with either white or blue roses.

They are extremely well priced, aprons being £28, tea towels £10 and oven gloves £22 – a simple way of adding some serious allure to the domestic scene. If you like the Lisa Stickley take on the world – and it’s a more glamorous, less artlessly sweet approach than Cath Kidston’s – then it’s worth knowing that she takes the same designs and puts them on tote bags (£65) and weekend bags (pictured, £64), as well as a range of vintage chairs (£320-£2,000), each of which is different and each of which has been upholstered with one of her own witty textiles.