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A bijou solution to a delicate dilemma

Sleek black phials, killer fragrances

A bijou solution to a delicate dilemma

March 23 2010
Nick Foulkes

As someone whose profession, or at least chief leisure activity, is vanity, I have until recently found myself speared by the horns of an irritating dilemma: viz the need, on one side, to be properly fragranced at all times; versus the difficulty of lugging a stoppered glass jar of my current favourite, Orris Noir from Ormonde Jayne, everywhere I go.

To go without scent is unthinkable; as is risking a breakage in my briefcase, or distorting the line and destroying the pockets of my suits. I did fiddle for a while with decanters and funnels and what have you, but this was tricky; even when I was able to break into a bottle, I would end up spilling much of the precious essence. Sample-size miniatures were equally unsatisfactory: a couple of spritzes and they are empty.

Happily this high-class problem was resolved by the arrival of sleek black travel atomiser phials loaded with 10ml of this and other killer fragrances from the petite Ormonde Jayne boutique in The Royal Arcade, for which the adjective bijou might have been invented. About the size of a small Montblanc and available in boxes of four, it fits into the outbreast pocket of my suits where it lurks out of sight under a Charvet pochette and contains sufficient eau de parfum to sustain me on a long night out or over a short business trip.

Ormond Jayne Travel Purse Sprays, £54 for a set of four 10ml phials.

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