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A landmark restaurant puts drama on its menu

Dinner is served, with a theatrical flourish

A landmark restaurant puts drama on its menu

November 08 2010
Sibéal Pounder

Sitting as it does amid the razzle-dazzle of London’s theatre district, it’s a wonder that The Ivy didn’t succumb to the theatrics sooner. But this month – for five nights only, from November 8 – the eatery is treating diners to a specially produced play, Heavenly Ivy (written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter and playwright Sir Ronald Harwood), to be performed in the middle of the restaurant.

The play promises to be a funny and light-hearted production about The Ivy’s original owner in 1917, Abel Glandellini, and his ghost’s return to see what has become of his beloved restaurant. Of course, if Glandellini really did return, he would doubtless be wowed by the extravagant stained glass and specially commissioned contemporary art introduced by former owners Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, which are now – aside from the food and revered clientele – an established Ivy signature. It’s fitting, then, that the play has been specially produced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Corbin and King’s reinvention of this culinary landmark.