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Adding a personal touch to antique gifts

A well-kept secret that gives a gift a personal touch

Adding a personal touch to antique gifts

November 11 2009
Bettina von Hase

There are few tasks more difficult than finding a 21st birthday present for a godson, and I had to find something special for mine, the son of an old Oxford friend. Harry likes the good things in life, and I asked his father, who recommended cufflinks. Grays Antique Market (pictured) near Bond Street in London sprang to mind, and within 15 minutes I had found a pair of Victorian oval-shaped links, crying out to be engraved with the initials HG (which stands not only for his name, but also for “Harry’s Godmother”).

The engraving stall on the lower ground floor is a well-kept secret, but proved to be the best destination to make the cufflinks perfect. It is run by Bill Bennett and Keith Thorogood, and both men will spend time deciding what’s best for the task at hand. Bill did several designs on the spot, and even did one for me, with my initials, BvH, just for my pleasure. Pricing is reasonable and results superb. Sometimes the engraving is done the same day, or the day after. There is never a long wait.