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A quirky keepsake of summer in the Hamptons

The cuff links that are all washed up

A quirky keepsake of summer in the Hamptons

September 13 2010
Mark Ellwood

After spending the summer in the Hamptons, it’s always tough when Labour Day looms and real, nine-to-five life returns (though given this year's oppressive heat and humidity, which made dressing for the many formal benefits I attended feel as though I was being basted in an oven, autumn will come as something of a relief). So I’ve snapped up keepsakes that will make me think of summer – and smile – every time I wear them: a pair of quirky silver cuff links.

Thom Kostura is a young designer from East Hampton who handcrafts a range of men’s accessories, from tie pins to belts, inlaying silver with exotic hardwoods. What charmed me, though, was the way he also repurposed chunks of sea-smoothed wood collected while strolling on local beaches in the East End. I love my Atlantic driftwood pair (pictured, $120): a high-low mix, much like the Hamptons.

From $35-$250.

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