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Men’s scarves that are both formal and fashionable

Dandyish accessories from the patron saint of buttons

Men’s scarves that are both formal and fashionable

December 20 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

My husband has a tendency to lose his winter clothing accessories, so a new scarf has become an annual feature of his Christmas stocking. Since each scarf is ultimately destined for South West Trains’ lost property office, I don’t usually buy anything particularly special, but this year my off-high street shopping campaign took me to an open studios event in London’s Clerkenwell, where I came across a fabulous company called Swithbert & Louis.

Named after Saint Swithbert and St Louis IX, who are respectively the patron saints of sore throats and buttons, apparently, this is a one-woman business, hand-making what the website describes as “Tweed scarves with buttons for ladies and gentlemen”. And very lovely they are too. Each one consists of a sumptuous shot silk lining, a patchwork of high-quality, new tweed (recycled tweeds are a no-no as the maker has a horror of moths), and a rather fancy button. The effect is both strikingly fashionable and rather formal in a dandyish, country house kind of way, which will suit Mr A perfectly.

There is a chance that the sheer elegance of this scarf will be enough to make him more attentive when he leaves the train, but I’m pinning most of my hopes on the button, which secures the scarf so firmly in place that removal in a restricted space will be almost impossible.

Scarves from £75.

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