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At last: a tasteful range of swim shorts

Is the surfer-dude look all washed up?

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At last: a tasteful range of swim shorts

November 16 2009
Karen Wheeler

Recently I have given more thought than I usually would to the subject of male swimwear, since my beloved and I were planning a beach holiday and I wanted to find an alternative to his vividly coloured Hawaiian-print surfer shorts. Ever since Tony Blair stepped onto a beach in a pair of lairy Vilebrequin board shorts in 2006, I’ve found it hard to take the surfer-dude look seriously.

Fortunately, the high-profile French brand now has some competition in the form of Orlebar Brown’s tailored swim shorts. The shorts are available in four styles, including the Setter (pictures one and three; £120), the shortest style, based on the classic 1950s beach short (you can imagine JFK wearing a pair of these), and the Bulldog (£125), a classic board short, but with the same tailored fit and attention to detail, including engraved side fastenings.

Designed to “feel great in the surf and look great out of it”, Orlebar Brown shorts come in a great selection of plain colours (a sunny yellow and orange as well as tasteful neutrals), while for those who aren’t quite ready to ditch the prints, the brand’s take on the surfer short, the Beagle (picture two; £120), comes in very chic monochrome prints on white.

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