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Where to find ski boots that fit – properly

Ski boots that fit like a glove

Where to find ski boots that fit – properly

November 10 2009
Felix Milns

As any skier knows, a properly fitted ski boot is absolutely fundamental, so I was heartened to see that Profeet, my favourite boot-fitters, have just opened a new state-of-the-art store on London’s Fulham Road. With a list of clients and visitors that includes the Prince of Wales, they offer a personalised, one-to-one boot-fitting service for even the worst kind of problem feet. As Jimmy knelt down to examine mine last season, I warned him that everything he had done until now was a warm-up; but even my collapsed arches and my much-sprained and flexless feet did not faze him.

By using video analysis, a ski simulator and specialist foot-scanning technology, plus decades of personal boot-fitting experience, they test the flex in your feet, toes, hamstrings and calves, as well as examining circulation and size of arch – crucial in determining your degree of pronation or supination. Biomechanics plays a key part in discovering how your stance is affected by weak or dominant muscles, and a rigorous biomechanical assessment not only helps to fit your ski boots, but also gives you a stretching programme to prepare for winter. But don’t go in with a specific pair of boots in mind; instead, let them find the perfect boots for you, regardless of what colour they are.

A full fitting, including insoles, costs £149; boots range in price from £220-£480.

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