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Shirts that are classic, but quirky too

A new range of shirts in classic colours, with stylish collars

Shirts that are classic, but quirky too

June 10 2011
Lucia van der Post

The thing about men’s shirts, it seems to me, is that they repay close attention. Superficially, so many of them look the same. And yet prices vary hugely, from £19.50 for a Marks & Spencer cotton shirt to £360 for something from Gucci. It can be hard to tell one from another unless you look at the detail – which is where Emmett shirts come in.

I first came upon them some years ago when a banker friend brought them to my attention. He had as posh a job as they come and couldn’t stray far from the established kit, but he loved Emmett’s shirts because they had little touches that pleased him – in particular, the way they lined the inside of the collars and cuffs with a contrasting fabric.

If for you, too, it’s the little things that matter, then it’s worth visiting the new Emmett shirt bar that recently launched at Selfridges in London. Though it will focus primarily on white shirts (in twills, poplins and Royal Oxford weaves), there will also be a few in classic blues and pinks; but pay attention to the collars. Here, exclusively for the shirt bar in Selfridges, Emmett has introduced three different collars.

Of most interest is what Emmett describes as the “new/old” tab collar, so called because the collar is held by a tab under the tie. Next up is the JFK – as worn by you-know-who. (Small collars, the fashionable among you will know, are in, and the JFK is small without being ludicrously tiny.) And finally, there’s a collar that is slightly more cut-away than Emmett’s standard version. Prices start at £95.

Emmett also offers a bespoke service at £135 a time (and you need only buy one), with a choice of 60 collar shapes and 12 cuffs; this is available only at the Jermyn Street or City shops in London. Standard Emmett shirts can be bought online, while for the new collars you’ll need to go to the Selfridges shirt bar.

Pictured, from centre: white tie-bar collar shirt, £125; blue JFK collar shirt, £120; pink cutaway collar shirt, £95; all from Emmett shirt bar at Selfridges.

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