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The bespoke suit that’s English through and through

An expertly finished suit from the tailor who comes to call

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The bespoke suit that’s English through and through

April 01 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

My husband has always been a bespoke suit man, a trait I support so wholeheartedly that when I spotted a custom-made suit among the prizes at a recent charity auction, I urged him to ignore the guide price and bid to win. And win he did, which is why, some weeks later, he found himself standing in his shirt sleeves in the convenience of his own office, while Angus Burgoyne, visiting bespoke tailor, took his measurements.

Being a busy fellow, Mr A was delighted to find that Burgoyne would come to him for each of the four fittings (initial, mid-way, final and post-final tweaking), but what pleased him most, air mile-conscious man that he is, was the discovery that all Burgoyne’s suits are made in England from English cloth.

And very fine cloth it is too. After much deliberation, Mr A chose a sober, plain grey wool with an impressive “super 120” thread count and some rather jolly burgundy satin lining. Eight weeks later, this cloth came back from Yorkshire transformed into an expertly finished suit consisting of a single-breasted jacket and two pairs of pleat-fronted trousers, one with turn-ups, one without, and both cut rather narrow around the ankle.

As the driving force behind the purchase of this suit, I am delighted to report that it is a thing of subtle, sartorial elegance and Mr A looks very dashing in it indeed. Especially with those tapered ankles.

Angus Burgoyne’s business suits range from £695-£895. Add an extra 35 per cent for a second pair of trousers.

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