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The shoes that look terrific with both suits and jeans



October 12 2009
Damian Foxe

There are almost no men’s shoes to speak of that look equally as well with a suit as they do when worn with jeans. Brogues are the exception, and Tricker’s chunky version is, I think, the best on the market. I bought my third pair earlier this year, in white leather, for summer, and to say that everyone in my office is sick of the sight of them gives some indication of how often they grace my feet.

The problem is that I have grown accustomed to the many compliments they bring, something that never happens when I wear the tan and black versions I invested in previously. And now that winter is around the corner, I can no longer continue to wear white. So I am planning to use their made-to-order service, where, for a modest supplement of £75 and in the space of 12 weeks, you can have them made up in any colour you want. I’ve narrowed it down to oxblood, khaki green or pale grey. My addiction is growing, so I might just have to have all three.

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