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Hand-made ties with a classically English look

The master of the art of the ‘untipped’ tie

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Hand-made ties with a classically English look

May 05 2010
Lucia van der Post

If you haven’t cottoned on to the untipped tie, now’s the time. The untipped tie, which in the sort of language you and I understand means unlined, is this summer’s new big thing. Ties, it seems are coming back. The days when a chap dressed up for dinner by taking off his tie are over. Now he reaches for his untipped tie.

Master of the art is a wonderful British company called Drakes, which makes all its ties in London’s Clerkenwell. They’re made from silk and are hand-cut, hand-sewn and hand-rolled. They have all the tiny details that aficionados of good ties will recognise, most particularly the loop of excess thread at the back which is left inside the tie and means that, however much the tie is stretched or scrunched, it retains its shape. The look is classically English. All are £85.

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