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A classic Australian sneaker goes global

Stylish sneakers that feel like slippers

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A classic Australian sneaker goes global

February 19 2010
Mark Ellwood

I first saw Volleys on a trip to Australia years ago – they’re the sneakers that Aussies have worn as enthusiastically as flip-flops since 1939. Designed by a tennis ace, Adrian Quist, as a riff on classic deck shoes after a trip to Rhode Island, they’ve remained largely untweaked – a white sole here, an accent strip there – for the past 70 years. No wonder: I’ve never worn comfier sneakers, and they feel like slippers stylish enough to sport around town. The fabric scuffs easily in a grimy city, but they’re easily laundered (I prefer them careworn anyway).

I used to rally around my Volleys down under, but a month ago, they were launched stateside by an Aussie-loving entrepreneur in three colours (white with blue, white with green and all-black) for $60 a pair. The only problem is that this gives me less of an excuse for a shopping trip down under.

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